Comprehensive Business Coaching

From Consulting to Planning

Akira’s clientele is a collection of diverse industries ranging from automobile to defense. We help our clients acquire a diverse range of niche products by navigating global supply and demand. With a strong understanding of the global supply network, Akira provides a range of services for its clients that bring reliability to otherwise unpredictable supply chains.

Global Sourcing

World-Wide Access to High-Quality Electronic Components.

Akira Global Inc. serves as one of the leading electronic component brokers in the country and worldwide. Our supply chain knowledge and management services help us provide our clients with high-quality services in electronic component sourcing and demand fulfillment.

On-Time Deliveries (OTD)

Setting the proper expectations to meet scheduled delivery times.

Many of our customers express how much they appreciate our approach to On-Time Deliveries. At AGI, we take pride in meeting customers deadlines by setting honest realistic goals, and providing proper delivery expectations.

Exceptional Warranties

At Akira, we stand by our product! This is why we offer warranties for customer piece of mind.

At Akira, we offer competitive warranties for all of the components we source. Our valued partners enjoy seamless delivery and excellent quality assurance that help them execute their business and production plans smoothly.

Exceptional Customer Service

We strongly believe in providing an exceptional customer experience for all of our clients.

We strongly believe in providing our clients with Exceptional Customer Service. At Akira Global, the concept is simple! Listening, understanding, partnering, creating, executing, and following through. The overall goal is to meet, and or strive to exceed expectations. However, we value these steps which builds customer longevity, and long-lasting business relationships.

Integrity, Unity, Discipline

We’re driven by our integrity to provide professional relationships to our valued clients.

We’re driven by our integrity to provide professional relationships to our valued clients. Our partners enjoy our professionalism which extends beyond our mutual business contracts. We believe in developing professional relationships with our clients to ensure our collective growth and prosperity.

Cost Reduction

With our professional supply chain management services,

your business can produce efficiently and predictably. With our knowledge of global supply chain networks, you can assess and mitigate risks from the get-go.

Akira Global Inc Is built on integrity

Integrity: Adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character, honesty.

Integrity is the driving force of the services we provide. To develop cordial and sincere relationships in every aspect of our business. Ie; professional, business, and personal. To lay that firm moral code for all our consumers and buyers.

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