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Akira Medical was established by industry experts who had a vision of providing something different to their clients. The company earned a prominent position in niche component sourcing and formed partnerships with top medical component partners, due to its competitive pricing, honesty, and business transparency.







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  • DRV8800RTYR

  • LP5012PWR

  • TLV62568DRLR


  • LM3478MM

  • TPS40055PWPR

  • TPA6139A2RGTRG

  • ZXCL300E5TA

  • TPS548A20RVER

  • TPS92692QPWPRQ1

  • TPS54427DDAR

  • TPS53314RGFR

  • TPS2552DBVR

  • UPC458C

  • S9S08DZ128F2MLH

  • CM-40607

  • ICM-40608

  • LIS2DH12

  • BMA253

  • BME680

  • ADUM1201BRZ-RL7

  • XC3S400A-4FGG320C

  • XC7A200T-L1FBG676I

  • XC7A200T-2FBG676I

  • EP4CE10F17I7N

  • EPM240T100C5N

  • UPC458C

  • UPC458C

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Eric Rosser

Great company, excellent communication and customer service! I highly recommend! Anthony went above and beyond to guarantee we had part’s we could not find anyplace.

Matt KIm